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Program helps boost memberships

All visitors who attended the 61st Annual Santa Maria Coin Show in California May 5 were treated to an all-day, fun-filled, hands-on program about the coin collecting hobby.

Father and sons attending the Santa Maria Coin Show May 5 search for “P” and “S” mintmarked America the Beautiful quarters.

Called “The Changing Faces of Money,” the program was conducted by Walt Ostromecki, past ANA president.

All first-time show visitors went away “numismatically enlightened” and with several coin and paper currency giveaways.

This was a new approach in Santa Maria.

SMCC President Linda Nash said, “Our club wanted to try something different and new which would attract more individuals (non-collectors, youth and families) in the Santa Maria area and beyond to come to our show, learn about our hobby and hopefully join our club and the ANA.”

Nash said, “Walter was the perfect fit … our increased membership pays tribute to his efforts.”

Bourse Chairman Ed Cohen said, “The ANA has a whole host of new educational programs and activities ready for clubs to use. Often, all that is needed is to set up a laptop computer linked up to the ANA website. Walt provided this. And, kids and adults alike had a blast seeing and learning about coins.”

Dealers at the 20-table bourse reported good sales. Attendance topped 275.

The next SMCC show is scheduled for Saturday, October 13, 2018 at the Edwin Mussell Senior Center, Santa Maria.

The club celebrated its 60th anniversary in October of 2017 with a special commemorative edition of ANACS slabbed Kennedy half dollars. Only 100 were produced.

The SMCC meets at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at the Edwin Mussell Senior Center, 510 E. Park Ave., Santa Maria. Dues are $20 a year.

Email president@santamariacoinclub.com for more information.


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