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Production beating 2005

In almost every category – the exception being dollar coins – coin production in 2005 is running ahead of 2004.

Through August, the U.S. Mint produced a total of 10,507,630,500 coins, compared to 9,758,900,000 during the same period in 2004.

A total of 1,683,180,000 coins were produced in August. No half dollars or dollar coins were produced in August.

By denomination and mintmark, the breakdown for August production is as follows: 

Cent-P: 478 million
 Cent-D: 379.2 million
 Nickel-P: 133.2 million
 Nickel-D: 103.68 million
 Dime-P: 148.5 million
 Dime-D: 139 million
 Quarter-P: 149.8 million
 Quarter-D: 151.8 million

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