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Privy Mark Eagles ‘Break the Internet’

It comes as no surprise that the big news in Mint product sales this week is the Nov. 5 release of the proof gold and silver American Eagle coins commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II that bear a “V75” privy mark on the obverse. The Mint reported that the limited edition coins sold out quickly – in seven minutes for the gold coin – and many users encountered issues accessing the Mint’s website (the only mode of ordering due to COVID-19) due to an unprecedented spike in traffic volume.

This week’s sales report captures data through Nov. 8, three days after the Eagles’ on-sale date. It is safe to say that the numbers weren’t reconciled at the time of recording. As you can see, under Miscellaneous Offers on the next page, the Mint indicates that sales of the gold version were 1,829 while the silver version is reported at 74,242. The mintage caps are 1,945 for the gold and 75,000 for the silver, though it’s clear that the full mintages were sold out within minutes. We expect sales totals to be closer to actual on next week’s report.

Also new this week is the three-coin America the Beautiful set for Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. It too went on sale Nov. 5, reaching a sales total of 11,181.

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One Response to Privy Mark Eagles ‘Break the Internet’

  1. mcloughl_2000@uahoo.com says:

    Sorry unacceptable this has happened too many times before on limited issued coins within the last 5 years! It also happened for the Gold/Silver medals. I’m one of those individuals 20 minutes in and in my basket and then checkout and through out of the Mint’s site and 40 minutes later in but sold out and had no issues navigating their wed site.

    The Mint is not telling the truth so don’t believe it when they say they are having issues. Making $400.00 profit on fold all these years and they can’t anticipate that they where going to have issues.

    Sorry BS from the Mint. 40 years I’ve been buying but that all came to an end. The Mint can go freak themselves. Do they think we are stupid. Not that my non particiapation will matter to the Mint, as they will pick up others to take my slack, but what needs to happen is the collective needs to stop buying for 6 months and then see what the Mint does. hit their pocket book, WORKS EVERYTIME.

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