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Prices announced for Old San Francisco Mint coins

NN0829-Mint0822-resize.jpgPrices of the new San Francisco Old Mint commemorative $5 gold piece and silver dollar, which went on sale at noon Aug. 15, but aren?t likely to be delivered until December, appear remarkably reasonable given recent activity in the gold market.
The proof gold $5 Old Mint coin is priced at $230 and the uncirculated version at $220. After the pre-issue period ends Oct. 17, the proof will be $255 and the uncirculated $245.
The Old Mint silver dollar proof is $35 during the pre-issue period, after which it will cost $39. The uncirculated is $33 now and will be $35.
Orders of each option were limited to 100 per household. There are no two-coin or four-coin sets as in past programs.
The pre-issue period for the Old Mint coins ends at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Oct. 17.

The 2006 American Legacy Collection also went on sale Aug. 15. It costs $135. The set includes proof versions of all 2006 circulating coins as well as a proof ?Founding Father? Benjamin Franklin dollar and a proof Old Mint dollar.
The Mint had imposed an order limit of 10 Legacy sets per household. Only 50,000 were to be made.
A shipping and handling fee of $4.95 is added to each order.
On the U.S. Mint?s Web site, offers for each of the Old Mint coins and the American Legacy Collection included the statement that the products would be available for shipping Dec. 15.
Credit card charges are to occur at the time of shipment. If the credit card used expires before shipment, the customer must call (800) USA-MINT to update the order information. Have the relevant order number at hand.
To order or obtain futher information, see the Mint Web site,www.usmint.gov, or call (800) USA-MINT. 

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