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Presidential dollar totals move backwards

I have been saying nice things about the demand for Presidential dollar coins this year. This week I have to point out that minuses swept through the columns of roll and bag listings as if the inventory of an entire business had been returned to the Mint. All the Mint will say is that the subtractions were order cancellations, but oh what an order it must have  been. Or had Mint accounting fallen behind and now has caught up following the conclusion of the government’s fiscal year?

The 2009 uncirculated coin set is in high demand. The initial sales number is 392,007. It contains collector-only copper versions of the Philadelphia and Denver Lincoln cents.

Also appearing for the first time is the Braille Education set that features the uncirculated Braille dollar. It posts this week at 2,719.

Sales of Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20s creep ever more slowly forward, adding just 1,321 to this week’s total, which is still below 100,000.

News that there will not be “W” uncirculated 2009 silver American Eagle coins might have given a boost to sales of the 2008 uncirculated dollar coin set, which includes the 2008-W American Eagle. The total rose by 2,180 to 81,088.

Sarah Polk First Spouse gold coins are moving ahead by 412 for the proof and 306 for the uncirculated.

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