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Players await Philly show results

The beginning of the new Whitman Philadelphia show reveals a nice venue, although it is on the expensive side as big city shows are. It promises to be a big event. Most major dealers are present in an old-time and historic numismatic area. The U.S. Mint and Liberty Hall are several blocks away. These conjure up thoughts of Colonial coinage and those early coppers and Flowing Hair silver and that was much of the action and discussion.

There is still not enough platinum in coin form to go around. Silver supplies are tight in 90 percent coin and small bars. Gold has held above $1,000 for nearly two weeks and appears to be in a new trading range of $1,010 to $1,020. A break in either direction should be a significant signal. Gold Saints seem to have peaked in CU (commercial uncirculated) at about the time of the Long Beach Expo two weeks ago.

The rest of the market is on the slower side, a normal characteristic of this time of year and has been such for my 42 years as a professional numismatist. There are those who are worried about an end or collapse and those who see an upward burst. While I do fear both, I simply feel we will muddle along for a while until the economy straightens out or collapses.

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