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Pick a Prez head

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had clear preferences for three of four Presidential dollar designs considered when it met Nov. 12.

CCAC members were split between two designs for Rutherford B. Hayes, but  had clear favorites for the designs for Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant and James Garfield.

“Much of our discussion focused on the realism and aesthetic appeal of the portrayal of the Presidents’ hair and beards,” said CCAC Chairman Mitch Sanders said.

Five designs for each President were considered. With 34 points possible in the voting process, design 17-02 for Johnson garnered 25 points, design 18-01 for Grant received 26 points and design 20-05 for Hayes received 18 points, according to Sanders.

For the Hayes dollar, CCAC members tallied 20 points for design 19-05 and 19 points for design 19-01.

The CCAC also voted unanimously to endorse the proposed theme for the 2011 Native American dollar – Chief Massasoit’s treaty with the English settlers at Plymouth.

The designs will also be reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts.

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