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Philadelphia also has a doubled die

While Lee Maples of Texas started a stir with his doubled-die reverse 2009-D District of Columbia quarter, what he and others did not know at that time were that doubled dies had already been reported on the Philadelphia issues of that issue.

Charles Cataldo Jr. of Alabama Coin & Silver, Huntsville, reported three different doubled-die reverses on 2009-P District of Columbia quarters.     
The first one shows a strong secondary black key centered between the two normal black keys to the right of Ellington’s left arm in addition to a bit of doubling to the lower left of the “E” of ELLINGTON. This one has been listed for the date, mint, denomination and type in the Variety Coin Register as VCR#1DDR#1.

Cataldo’s second variety shows doubling restricted to the lower left of the “E” of ELLINGTON more prominently than on DDR#1, but that is the only place doubling is seen. It is listed as VCR#2/DDR#2.
His final doubled die shows doubling of Duke Ellington’s right sleeve. This one is now listed as VCR#3/DDR#3.

None is as visually dramatic as the “D” doubled die.        

The cause of the doubling on these quarters is thought to be the result of Tilted Hub Doubling as described in my article for the Denver issue.

I have reports of others being found for this date and type and will report upon them as they come in.  Let me know what you find.

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