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Perth Mint reveals 2019 coinage

Reverses of The Perth Mint’s 2019 silver Koala, silver Kookaburra, and gold Kangaroo bullion coins. (Images courtesy & © The Perth Mint)

On Sept. 3, The Perth Mint launched its 2019 bullion coin program. As in recent years, the reverse designs of the coins feature an Aussie Kangaroo, Koala, and Kookaburra along with the 2019 Lunar Pig issues.

This year’s releases introduce something different: the obverses of the Kangaroo, Kookaburra, and Koala coins bear a new effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark.

The .9999 fine silver Koala bullion consists of 40.60 mm, 31.107 g (1 oz) $1 and a 100.60 mm, 1,000.100 g (32.151 oz) $30. The mintage of $1 is 300,000, with no limit for the $30 except that production will cease at the end of 2019. The design by Ing Ing Jong features a koala perched on a eucalyptus branch examining its leafy lunch.

For the .9999 fine silver Kookaburra issues, designer Aleysha Howarth shows the bird perched on a stump in an inland waterway enjoying the last rays of the westering sun. Three coins are available: a 40.60 mm, 31.107 g (1 oz) $1; a 75.60 mm, 311.066 g (10 oz) $10; and a 100.60 mm, 1,000.100 g (32.151 oz) $30. The mintage of $1 coins is 500,000, with no limit for the $10 and $30 coins except that production will cease at the end of 2019.

The 2019 Kangaroo bullion pieces come in silver, gold and platinum. A 40.60 mm, 31.107 g (1 oz) .9999 fine silver $1 shows a classic bounding Red Kangaroo and carries a micro-laser engraved security feature. It is available in convenient tubes of 25 and monster boxes of 10 tubes. Mintage is unlimited.

The same design and micro-laser engraved security feature occur on a 32.60 mm, 31.119 g (1 oz) .9995 platinum $100. Mintage is unlimited.

Five .9999 fine gold bullion coins are available: a 16.60 mm, 3.111 g (0.10 oz) $15; a 20.60 mm, 7.777 g (0.25 oz) $25; a 15.553 g (0.5 oz) $50; a 32.60 mm, 31.107 g (1 oz) $100; and a 75.60 mm, 1000.100 g (31.151 oz) $3,000. Mintages are 200,000 ($15), 150,000 ($25), 100,000 ($50), unlimited ($1) and unlimited ($3,000).

Obverse (featuring a new effigy by Jody Clark) and reverse of The Perth Mint’s 2019 platinum bullion $100. (Images courtesy & © The Perth Mint)

The reverse design of the $15, $25, $50, and $100 is by Aleysha Howarth. It features a kangaroo poised to leap from a grassy mound. That of the $3,000 is the same as for the silver $1 and platinum $100.

Due to past high demands for its bullion Perth Mint plans to stagger release of all these coin over coming months. The Lunar gold and silver series are available now. The silver Kookaburra issues are scheduled for release in October, with the Kangaroo coins to follow in November and the Koala coins in January.

Prospective purchasers will need to keep a weather eye on Perth’s website, www.perthmint.com, where the coins may be purchased online.

Alternatively, contact Perth’s Bullion Trading Desk located at 310 Hay Street in East Perth or telephone 1300 201 112 (Australia) or +61 8 9421 7218 (International).


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