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Peace dollars in steady demand

All eyes are on Cincinnati and the upcoming annual Central States Convention where the high end of the market will be focused on one of the more affordable 1804 dollars that grades AU-58. Personally, I am more interested in the outcome of the sale of the 1876-CC MS-66 20-cent piece and the 1794 MS-61 Flowing Hair dollar, I think these will be more indicative of that end of the market.

In the lower budget area where most of us live, Morgan dollars are very strong and have increased in all generic circulated issues. This demand seems to be well diversified, coming from collectors filling in dates, bulk silver investor/hoarders and continued promo demand from TV and mass media deals.

Peace dollars are somewhat quiet on the common date issues, but there is steady demand and several better-date issues in MS-64 and MS-65 have gained in price. However, the 1921 has softened in high grade with several offered at somewhat discounted levels.

The precious metals have been very active although there is not much difference from last week’s price levels with gold $2 higher, and silver and platinum 3 percent lower. Many knowledgeable people think silver is the best buy at these levels and I have a tendency to agree, especially if you limit risk by including items of numismatic value.

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