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PCGS to exhibit ‘Peacock Hoard’

Colorful specimens from the “Peacock Hoard” will strut their stuff at the Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 5-8, 2006.

The multi-toned pieces will be part of a Professional Coin Grading Service exhibit of what PCGS considers the finest known set of Mint State Eisenhower dollars (1971-1978).

The exhibit will also include three Ike dollar wrong-planchet error coins.

“These impressive coins were assembled over a 20-year period by Illinois collector James Sego and they won the PCGS Set Registry awards for Best Modern Set the past two years,” said B.J. Searls, PCGS Set Registry manager. “The set was inducted into the PCGS Set Registry Hall of Fame earlier this year.”

The Sego Collection is special, according to PCGS President Ron Guth.

“Many of the remarkable coins in the Sego Collection are considered among the finest known,” said Guth. “Business strike Ike dollars may appear to be common with mintage figures often in the tens of millions. However, several years during Ike production have mintages below two million, and most Ike dollars of any year in grades of MS-66 or higher can be worth from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollar each.”

The origin of the Peacock Hoard of Ike dollars is not definitely known. Some researchers believe the coins were involved in a Western state’s bank promotion in the 1970s, and toned when housed in specially made cardboard holders that then were placed in plastic cases and given to new depositors. 

Among the highlights of the PCGS exhibit of the Eisenhower dollars are: a 1971-D, MS-67; a 1972-D, MS-67; a toned 1973-P Peacock Hoard MS-66; a 1973-D toned, MS-67; a 1973-S, MS-69; a 1974-P Peacock toned, MS-66; a 1974-D, MS-67; 1976-D Type II Peacock toned, MS-67; a  1977-D, MS-67; and a 1978-P, MS-67.

There also will be three rare Ike errors: a 1974-D and a 1977-D struck on 40 percent silver planchets, and a 1978-P struck on a planchet intended for a Philippine peso.

The interactive PCGS Set Registry was established in 2001.

“The Registry ranks sets in order of grade point average, completion and overall rating. There now are over 16,000 sets registered, encompassing every major U.S. coin series as well as British, Canadian, euro, Japanese and Philippines coinage,” said Searls.

PCGS is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. For information about the PCGS Set Registry program, write to Professional Coin Grading Service, P.O. Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658.  Or call (800) 447-8848, e-mail info@pcgs.com or see www.PCGS.com

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