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PCGS expands CoinFacts

New features and more than 2,500 additional high-quality coin photos have been added to the all-new PCGS CoinFacts®, located at www.PCGSCoinFacts.com, since the enhanced Web site was launched July 27.

A combination of numismatic encyclopedia, historical price guide and reference resources, CoinFacts is the repository for information on nearly 30,000 U.S. coins.

“We’re adding about 250 superb-quality PCGS TrueView images of high-grade coins every week,” said Ron Guth, PCGS CoinFacts president. “We’re all very pleased about the response by the collecting and dealing community to the huge expansion of the site.

“In addition to all the photos, we’re also adding new findings and narratives about particular coins written by members of the PCGS CoinFacts Board of Experts, including PCGS co-founder David Hall. It’s a way for disseminating the accumulated knowledge of veteran numismatists as well as quickly getting out information about new discoveries and new varieties.”

Guth explained that the high-quality images help collectors and dealers immediately discern differences in coin varieties, such as large and small dates or lettering. See comparison image above.

“Some varieties can be difficult to determine if you’re only looking at a coin out of context, but with the photos you can compare the varieties side-by-side to make a quick, accurate determination.”
Access to all features on the PCGS CoinFacts Web site is available for $9.95 per month. For complete details of the features, visit www.PCGSCoinFacts.com.

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