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Panda marks 35 years with new ones

The three reverses of the gold and silver commemorative proofs struck to mark the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the Panda.

In 1982, the People’s Republic of China issued its first gold Panda bullion pieces from 1/10 ounce to 1 ounce (KM-X-MB8-11). These were medallic issues and were supplanted in 1983 with coins of the same weights: ¥10 (KM-49), ¥25 (KM-50), ¥50 (KM-51) and ¥100 (KM-52). A similar range of silver proof pieces were produced the same year.

Minting has continued every year since, with the reverse design changing from year to year and with additional coin sizes and denominations being added from time to time.

To mark the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the Panda, the People’s Bank of China has issued three gold and silver commemorative proofs struck by Shenzhen Guobao and Shenyang mints.

A 20 mm, 5 g .999 fine gold ¥80 presents a portrait of a Giant Panda peering through an array of year dates running from 1982 to 2017. Mintage is 50,000.

A 33 mm, 15 g .999 fine silver ¥5 shows silhouette of a cartoon Panda behind lines of growth rings each marked by year date numbers. Mintage is 200,000.

Thirdly is one for the bimetallic collectors: a 45 mm ¥500 having a collar of 12 g of .999 fine silver and a 30 g .999 fine gold core. The reverse features a Giant Panda munching a bamboo stalk. Around the silver rim are Pandas images from earlier Panda issues. Mintage is 6,000.

All obverses depict the Temple of Heaven in Beijing – as featured on all previous Panda coins – and the caption in Chinese that translates as “In Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the Issuance of Chinese Panda Gold Coin.”


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