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Pakistan Issues 40 Rupee for Afghan Refugees Conference

Assigned KM-83, this is the first issued coin of 2020 for the nation of Pakistan. It features a new denomination and commemorates a four-day visit from United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres recognizing Pakistan’s generous hosting of millions of Afghan refugees. (Image courtesy of Egon Conti Rossini)

By Thomas Michael

In conjunction with a four-day visit of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to Islamabad, Pakistan has issued a new copper-nickel 40 rupees circulating coin. An example of the coin was presented to Guterres on the day of its issue, Feb. 17.

The reverse of the coin presents the anniversary “40 Years” within a wreath surrounded by a legend reading INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE above and AFGHAN REFUGEES IN PAKISTAN below. This 2020-dated coin is the first 40 Rupees denomination for Pakistan and to the best of our knowledge; it is Pakistan’s first issued coin of the year.

“Despite its own challenges, Pakistan has sheltered and protected Afghan refugees with limited support from the International community,” said Guterres in a speech given on Feb. 16 from the capital, to open an international conference focused on Afghan refugees. To date, nearly 2.4 million refugees have fled from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Many still live in refugee camps hoping to return to their home country, while others have established new lives and settled in Pakistan for good.

Learn more about the Refugee Conference. 


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