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Ounce most popular proof

This article was originally printed in the latest issue of Numismatic News.
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Ten days into the sales period for the proof gold American Eagle coins, the one-ounce coin is emerging as the clear favorite of buyers.

With 19,195 snapped up by collectors, the one-ounce proof far outpaces the other sales options as well as being closest to reaching a sellout, which in this case would be 25,000 pieces.

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That might be surprising considering its price of $1,585.

The second most popular sales option so far is the four-coin set, of which 9,987 sets have been purchased for $2,938 each. However, this option is far from reaching its sellout total of 39,000.

Where price perhaps played a role was with the tenth-ounce proof. As the cheapest coin at $180.50, buyers have taken 8,538 of them. A sellout would be 27,000 pieces.

Next on the list is the quarter ounce, which registered sales of 3,449 so far. Its price is $415.50. A sellout would be 16,000 pieces.

The lowest sales number is recorded for the half-ounce proof. With 2,879, sold at $806 each, it remains some distance from the sellout mark of 15,000.

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