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One candidate seeks to become vice president

Editors Note:
Members of the American Numismatic Association will have approximately four weeks to register their choices in a mail ballot vote that will conclude
June 26.

Each candidate was asked to supply a statement specifically for Numismatic News readers.

They will be presented this week in the commentary section with the presidential candidate statements on Tuesday, the vice presidential candidate statement on Wednesday and the statements of 14 board candidates presented in alphabetical order on Thursday.

Thomas G. Hallenbeck
for Vice President

I’m excited to be running for the office of pice president of the world’s greatest coin club, the American Numismatic Association. I believe that coin collecting is fun, and the ANA should be fun also. We need to keep the lines of communication open, and all of its elected officers should respond quickly and completely to its members questions and suggestions.
I first joined the ANA back in 1974 as a Young Numismatist and later converted to a life member. I started as a student and am now an instructor at the Summer Seminar held here in Colorado Springs, just two blocks from my coin store. I believing in giving back to the ANA, an organization that gave so much to me. I always try to keep in mind that coin collecting is a hobby, a fun hobby but still a hobby. As long as its leaders always keep the members in mind then the ANA will continue to prosper. Thanks for your vote.

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