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Numishow.com launches virtual bourse online


Dealers don’t want to use big auction sites or travel the country to coin and currency shows now have another option for selling their inventory.

A new virtual bourse has been launched at NUMiSHOW.com.

The brainchild of award-winning game designer, Scott Hansen, NUMiSHOW.com abandons the auction-based sales model for the more familiar show-based sales model.

Dealers lease virtual booth space, just as they would at a traditional live money show. From that point, they are able to list as many items as they wish without additional cost. When they sell an item, they no longer are required to pay a percentage of their earnings.

The only overhead cost is a small credit card transaction fee, which is lower than most of the popular online payment solution services. Buyers pay a $1 fee per invoice, which takes the place of the entry fee they would normally pay to enter a live show.

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“I believe this gives both buyers and sellers the best of both worlds,” says Hansen. “Dealers will no longer have to give away their hard earned cash, or raise their prices to cover lost profits. Collectors will in turn enjoy lower prices for the items they want to add to their collections. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.”

NUMiSHOW.com has plans to add additional features in the coming months, such as a “Haggle” feature that allows potential customers to make offers on items, as well as an advanced “Reputation” system for both dealers and sellers.

NUMiSHOW.com is owned and operated by TFS Virtual Shows, LLC, which was founded in 2012 in Dallas, Texas.

For additional information about TFS Virtual Shows, LLC, or Numishow.com, visit www.numishow.com, or email info@numishow.com.

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