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Numbers soar for second Lincoln roll set

It is a good thing that sales numbers for the second 2009 Lincoln cent roll set are available this week, because otherwise things are kind of summertime sleepy – and the calendar says it is not even summer yet.

In the first three days of sales, more than twice as many Lincoln roll sets have been sold. The precise count is 200,055. It took almost two weeks for the first roll set to hit the 96,000 maximum.

How many roll sets will be ordered? Judging from the number of e-mails I have received, the numbers should jump a good bit further, depending on how many the Mint will be able to supply.

The Mint Web site already has the notation that shipping of the Lincoln rolls commences July 15.

January’s hot item, the Ultra High Relief $20 gold piece, hardly moved up in sales numbers this week, with the total creeping forwarded by much less than 1,000 coins.

The six-coin D.C. and Territories proof set rose by 8,016 and the silver version jumped by 11,006. The silver set is not more popular; it has simply been available for less tim
Braille sales numbers have also done nothing particularly noteworthy, but then the summerlike pace is apparent.

Bullion Eagle numbers didn’t change at all, but I don’t think bullion investors have gone on vacation, so let’s meet here again next week to see what happens.

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