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Numbers rise a bit for Eagles as May ends

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The silver American Eagle sold to the bullion market saw its May monthly total rise by another 72,500 to 1,516,000 coins. The demand for these is still exceeding supply and every additional coin is being eagerly snapped up.

The one-ounce gold American Eagle bullion coin total rose by 1,500 pieces. The one-ounce gold Buffalo rose by 500  coins.

Louisa Adams First Spouse totals make their debut. Initial sales are a far cry from the mad clamor for the coins just one year ago. Not even 10 percent of the total mintage was taken up in the first week and it is usually the first week that sets the sales tone for the entire offering.

The John Quincy Adams individual proof dollars were added to the list this week with a beginning total of 1,312.

The 250-coin bags for the George Washington Presidential dollar did not move, nor did the same size bags for James Monroe. Perhaps buyers disappeared for a few days or the accountants have not yet caught up. The smaller bag totals did edge higher for both.

The peculiar numbers are the proof platinum one-ounce coin and four-coin set. Both declined. Buyer?s remorse?



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