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NOW attracts buyers

now1.jpgEven for Wisconsin, Iola is off the beaten path. However, attendees of the 48th anniversary Numismatists of Wisconsin convention liked what they found when they got there May 16-17.

?We love this show,? enthused Russ Konig of Greater Milwaukee Coins. They really put on a nice show.?

Jerry Koepp of Coins, Stamps ?n? Stuff of Des Moines, Iowa, said, ?It?s surprising they can bring so many people into this little town. It?s amazing. A lot of it has to do with advertising.?

What was moving?

?I sold quite a bit of gold and silver dollars did real well,? Koepp said.

?I guess the best things have been Standing Liberty quarters.? He also cited key Lincolns. Koepp noted that much of what was selling was in the XF
grade range.

now3.jpg?I did more business here than I did at the international coin show,? Koepp said referring to the Chicago International Coin Fair held the last weekend of April.

Randy Miller of Oshkosh, Wis., called the show ?not too bad. We know a lot of people here and that makes a little difference.?

He said collector coins were in demand.

When asked how silver dollars were doing, he replied, ?Surprisingly, not that well.?

Mike Schiller of Allouez Rare Coin Gallery in Green Bay, Wis., said for him ?The show was kind of slow. This show is kind of hard for me to put my finger on.?

He said the ?low end was out in droves,? but that his inventory at the show was not geared for that.

Al Louis of River City Gold & Silver Exchange in La Crosse, Wis., said his results were excellent.

?I?m having fun. This isn?t work, it?s playing.?

He particularly liked the Iola venue for the state show.

now4.jpg?I?ve asked them why they don?t have it every year.?

The show will return to Iola May 21-22, 2010, to celebrate NOW?s 50th anniversary.

Iola dealer Kurt R. Krueger had Chet Krause?s Wisconsin Civil War token collection on display in his case.

There are more than 400 pieces in the collection. It was consigned to him to sell and he is beginning the process of cataloging it to offer for sale later this year.

now5.jpgCheck Arneson Auctions Web site at www.whats4sale.biz for updates.

Programs at the 48th anniversary NOW convention included the Young Numismatist Treasure Trivia on May 17 run by American Numismatic Association Vice President Patti Finner.

On the same day, 10 Boy Scouts worked in a merit badge clinic put on by George Cuhaj and Howard Quimby.

A joint talk was given by Chet Krause, Numismatic News founder, and Gene Johnson, NOW archivist, called ?NOW: Witness to Coin Collecting Growth and Change over the Past Half Century.?

John and Nancy Wilson also spoke, presenting a program called, ?48 Memorable Wisconsin Coin Collecting Adventures.? After their talk they held a drawing where everyone in attendance won a prize.

now2.jpgMore than 40 guests attended the annual NOW Mystery Dinner May 16, which turned out to be held on the Chief Waupaca for a Chain ?O Lakes cruise. All in attendance received a one-ounce silver round specially minted for the occasion distributed by ANA Gov. Clifford Mishler, who in one of his capacities was acting as social director.

When all was said and done, Mishler said there were 500 visitors to the show and 150 more credentialed as dealers.

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