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November totals lowest of 2009

Coin production fell dramatically in November at both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

The combined production of 76.06 million coins was the lowest of calendar year 2009.

There are a lot of zeroes in the monthly box totals. Only cents, quarters and Presidential dollars were struck.

Of those three denominations, only cents were actually produced at both facilities.

In the case of Philadelphia, just 8 million cents tumbled down the coining chuts. The Denver total was a more respectible 53.6 million.

However, the Denver total was hardly a third the 114.4 million total from October.

Combined, the monthly cent production reached 61.6 million pieces, well below the nearly 200 million a month average implied by the cumulative 2009 cent production of 2.354 billion.

Quarter production at Denver was just 11.8 million pieces. This, too, was well below its monthly average.

Philadelphia’s Presidential dollar production totaled 2.66 million coins, a number that would not have been unusual in the 19th century.

So far in 2009, coin  production totaled 3.54 billion pieces, a far cry from the record year of 2000 when some 25 billion coins or so were struck.

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