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Not quite a sellout yet for several options

We expected to be able to report a sellout of the American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Set, but that didn?t happen. Sales rose just 995 for the two-coin uncirculated and ?W? mintmarked gold and silver set.

We also heard from several of our readers that they were canceling their purchase of the set after they found out that the two coins in it were being offered for sale by the Mint starting Sept. 28 in the fall sales catalog at less money. Sure, buyers forgo some nice packaging, but to save more than $110, the hobbyists we talked to seemed more than willing to say good-bye to what had earlier looked to them to be a desirable set.

With the availability of new sales options and some ?W? mintmarked uncirculated platinum coins being introduced to the mix, we will yet again have to figure out how to redesign these boxes when sales numbers become available in two weeks? time.

Sales of the proof one-ounce gold Buffalo coin have come almost to a complete standstill, rising by just 1,000.

We can write the same statement about the San Francisco Mint commemoratives. The easy sales are over and now numbers are rising in rather small increments. The uncirculated gold $5 coin rose by just 357 pieces.

Even the Legacy set is still on sale, with 3,000 left. With all the new issue competition for the collector dollar, reaching this sellout point has become much harder. However, it is hard to imagine it not selling out between now and the end of the year.

When collectors get the autumn Mint catalog in the mail, orders for the popular clad and silver proof sets should tick up. Many buy them for the holidays.

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