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Noe mum at press conference

Former Ohio coin dealer Thomas Noe had nothing to say when he called a press conference regarding recent charges against him.

In his first meeting with the news media since news of his role in investment and presidential fund-raising scandals broke last year, Noe declined to answer any questions regarding allegations that he stole money given to him by the Ohio Bureau of Workers? Compensation to invest in rare coins, or on the federal charges that he laundered money into President George Bush?s reelection campaign.

He is currently living in Key Largo, Fla., after he was released on a $350,000 bond after being charged on three felony counts relating to the fund-raising allegations. He is also being investigated by various federal, state and local authorities for taking millions of dollars from the fund for his personal use.

The Dec. 21 news conference in Columbus, Ohio, consisted of Noe?s attorneys showing reporters charts indicating that the $50 million coin investments made a profit of about $11.8 million. Those numbers are in dispute.

Noe?s attorneys also declined to answer questions, specifically comments they made in 2005 that the coin fund would likely turn out $13 million short.
So far, the scandals have resulted in the resignation of several Ohio officials and the conviction of Gov. Bob Taft for ethics violations.

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