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No Franklins can be found

Sellers are few, but many are looking to buy 2006 Benjamin Franklin commemorative silver dollars.

That?s the situation as Ken Pines of Coast To Coast Coins sees it. ?I?ve had lots and lots and lots of calls from people who want to buy them, but not too many from people who want to sell,? he said.

The U.S. Mint began shipping Franklin silver dollars on April 3. Shipments were expected to continue over the following six to eight weeks.

Interviewed on April 19, Pines thinks sellers are waiting to see how high prices will go. ?I think prices are already up substantially over what they were issued at.?

Activity on eBay appears to be slow. A check of eBay on April 19 showed only six listings. One offered 20 lots of four-coin sets, including the proof and uncirculated versions of both the Scientist and Founding Father examples, at $249.99 apiece. Another listing of proof and uncirculated versions of both coins offered them for $199.95. One two-coin proof set was priced at $150, while individual listings for Scientist versions carried a $49.99 cost.

?I don?t know if there is any exact price out there right now if somebody wanted to buy,? said Kirk Kelly of Coin Depot.

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