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Nickels in June production

A surprise Denver output of 480,000 nickels makes the June Mint production report interesting.

This small production run follows previous Mint statements saying that unless the Federal Reserve orders more, no more dimes or nickels will be struck this year. No nickels were produced in Philadelphia in June and neither mint struck dimes this month either.

Quarter production is trending higher. A combined 69,200,000 pieces for June compares to 39,800,000 in May and 46,120,000 in April. Is this one of those green shoots showing the economy is improving just a bit?

June cent production of 228,800,000 is lower than May’s 281,200,000, but higher than April’s 229,600,000. What perhaps makes June worth talking about is the fact that Philadelphia struck just 64,400,000 while Denver coined 164,400,000. This neatly reverses what occurred in April when the totals were almost precisely the other way.

Overall, the Mint likes to keep coin production consistent. It seems to be succeeding in this. The June total of 353,780,000 pieces of all denominations combined compares to 352,920,000 coins in May and 358,600,000 in April. You can hardly get more consistent than that.

It is time for James K. Polk dollar production and if the June totals are all there are to be, the 41,020,000 Philadelphia pieces but just 14,280,000 Denver pieces would make that an interesting issue to keep an eye on. July production will probably kick the totals back to even.

No Native American dollars or half dollars were struck in June.

For the first half of the calendar year just 2,263,180,000 coins have been produced.

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