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NGC to certify gold, bullion

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is introducing two new certification services for coins that derive their value primarily from their metal content. They are NGC Certified Gold and NGC Authenticated Bullion services.

These programs vary from NGC’s conventional numismatic services by using accessible language to describe coins and their metal content specifically, according to the firm. As with other NGC services, once certified, coins are encapsulated in an NGC holder.

Both new services are available to NGC Authorized Dealers under the bulk submission program.

NGC says a major goal of these services is to increase the availability of protection against the proliferation of counterfeit precious metal coinage. All coins certified under these programs are backed by a guarantee of authenticity from NGC. Additionally, all coins certified by NGC receive a unique serial number.

“Just as certification has done for graded classic coinage, NGC Certified Gold and NGC Authenticated Bullion will make it easier for individuals to buy and sell precious metal coins,” said Rick Montgomery, NGC president. “We also believe that these products can make these types of coins appealing and accessible to the broadest possible audience.”

The gold program will be the first available. The certification label will include a description of the coin, the pure metal weight and a grade description that is fully transcribed, not abbreviated.

Coins currently eligible for the NGC Certified Gold program are Liberty half eagles, Liberty and Indian eagles, and Liberty and Saint-Gaudens double eagles.

The bullion program will be unveiled second. Coins certified under this service will not receive a grade. Rather, their actual precious metal weight and fineness are detailed on the label.

Bullion coinage from a variety of countries is eligible for the Authenticated Bullion service, including coins struck in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Mint State and proof coins are also eligible.

Look for more information on NGC’s Web site, www.ngccoin.com. Contact the firm with questions by e-mail at bullion@ngccoin.com.

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