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NGC to begin details grading

As of Sept. 1, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation will begin encapsulating coins with detrimental surface conditions using details grades and descriptions of their impairments.

Coins that previously would have been returned ungraded by NGC as so-called “No Grades,” will now be assigned a details grade that accords with their level of surface wear, such as VG Details or XF Details, when submitted for grading.

Coins that have no wear but still display a problem surface condition will be labeled as Unc Details or, in the case of proof coins, simply Proof. Following the details grade will be a description of the noteworthy surface condition, including, for example, Improperly Cleaned, Artificial Color, Environmental Damage and Tooled.

A guidebook available in hard copy and on NGC’s Web site, www.NGCcoin.com, called “Understanding NGC Details Grading” will define all the terms used by NGC to describe these surface conditions.
“Now as many coins as possible will be returned certified and encapsulated, meaning that they are covered by the NGC Guarantee,” said NGC President Rick Montgomery. “NGC Details Grading also provides comprehensive descriptive information for coins with surface problems, making them easier to buy and sell.”

In the past, coins with problematic surface conditions were given Details Grades and were encapsulated by NGC’s affiliated conservation company, Numismatic Conservation Services. This service is being discontinued concurrent with the launch of NGC Details Grading.

This new service will be provided automatically for all NGC grading tier submissions at no additional service charge. The authenticity of details graded coins will be covered by the updated NGC Coin Grading Guarantee, and coins graded under this program will be encapsulated with a distinctive purple NGC Details Grading label.

For full details, visit www.NGCcoin.com/details or contact NGC Customer Service with questions by e-mail at service@NGCcoin.com or by phone at (800) NGC-COIN.

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