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NGC creates new holder

BizNGC1227.jpgNumismatic Guaranty Corp. has made a new holder to help collectors view their coins.

The holder suspends a coin within prongs to enable viewing of its edge.

Made from the same materials as the regular NGC holder, this new holder adds four small cutaway windows that surround the coin.

According to NGC, this addresses a need long felt by collectors of edge varieties. The new features are especially important for viewing several series, including pattern coins, Territorial coins and Bust half dollars.

The first coin to be encapsulated within this holder is a 1907 Large Edge Letters $20, graded PR-64 by NGC.

Although all proof 1907 $20s are very rare, this Large Edge Letters variant is believed to be unique, according to NGC.

This coin formerly resided in the Trompeter Collection, and most recently in Phillip H. Morse Collection of Saint-Gaudens Coinage. It was sold by Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers in early November of this year.

?I think NGC?s holder showing the coin?s edge is a terrific product that will help make the study of numismatics even more interesting,? said Jim Halperin, co-chairman and CEO of Heritage.

In 2001, NGC first introduced its Star Designation for coins with superior eye appeal.

In mid-2002 NGC released the Multi-Coin Holder which provides collectors an option to have a set of up to six certified coins encapsulated within one holder. And in early 2003, NGC extended the Prooflike (PL) and Deep Prooflike (DPL) designations to business strike coins of all series.

This holder is currently available only by request and for coins with special or unusual edge attributes. It is not available for coins of all denominations, nor all foreign coins.

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