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NGC creates holder to replace decades old soft ones

NGCholder.jpgNumismatic Guaranty Corp. has developed a new holder that will allow it to encapsulate coins that were originally sold in soft-pack holders three decades ago.

Prime examples of such coins are circulated dollars offered 1973-1980 by the General Services Administration, and ?Blue Ikes,? Eisenhower dollars once marketed by the U.S. Mint in sealed, soft-plastic holders.

The idea is to preserve the integrity of the original holder, rather than remove the coins from those holders.

NGCholderIKE.jpgNGC grades these coins while still in the original holder of issue. The entire soft-pack holder gets sealed in NGC?s semi-rigid clear plastic case. A label across the top provides attribution information, the coin?s pedigree and NGC-certified grade.

NGC will not guarantee the grades it applies to these GSA or Mint-sealed dollars.

NGC?s holder is made from inert materials and is sealed around its edges with no openings or perforations.

These coins will appear in the NGC Census marked with the pedigree GSA SOFT PACK or U.S. MINT SEALED, as applicable. They will also be eligible for include in the NGC Registry.

Submission of these coins in soft packs must be made separate from other submissions to NGC. The firm offers tiered service options, and there are some restrictions for this new service. Turnaround times are to be the same as current tier processing times. Bulk submission services are available to NGC authorized dealers submitting quantities of 100 or more.

Accompanying envelopes or certificates outside of the original soft-pack holders are not included in the new NGC holders and will not be returned if submitted. They are not required for submission processing.

Damaged or tampered-with GSA or Mint-sealed holders will not be eligible for certification and will be returned uncertified.

For more information, contact NGC customer service at (800) 642.2646, e-mail address Service@NGCcoin.com.  

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