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NGC certifies rare 1839 British proof set

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation recently certified a rare complete 1839 proof set from Great Britain.

Highlighting the 1839 rare proof set recently certified by NGC is this Una and the Lion gold five sovereign graded PF63+ Ultra Cameo.

It was submitted for grading by Taisei Coins, a prominent Japanese firm that plans to offer the set at auction during the Tokyo International Coin Convention (TICC) in April.

The set includes 15 gold, silver, and copper coins, representing each denomination and type issued in 1839.

Among these is an NGC PF63+ Ultra Cameo example of the most famous of all British coins: the Una and the Lion gold five sovereign.

Another highlight is the proof silver crown. Graded NGC PF62 Cameo, it is a well-preserved example of this rare early Victorian issue.

Rounding out the 1839 set are the following coins:

• 1839 W&R-303 Gold Sovereign, NGC PF62 Ultra Cameo
• 1839 W&R-343 Gold Half Sovereign, NGC PF63+ Ultra Cameo
• 1839 Plain Edge Silver Half Crown, NGC PF63+ Cameo
• 1839 Plain Edge ESC-1283 Silver Shilling, NGC PF64+ Cameo
• 1839 Plain Edge Silver Sixpence, NGC PF63 Cameo
• 1839 Plain Edge Silver Fourpence, NGC PF63
• 1839 Bronzed Copper Penny, NGC PF65 BN
• 1839 Bronzed Copper Half Penny, NGC PF64 BN
• 1839 Bronzed Copper Farthing, NGC PF64 BN
• 1839 Maundy Silver Fourpence, NGC PF64 Cameo
• 1839 Maundy Silver Threepence, NGC PF64 Cameo
• 1839 Maundy Silver Twopence, NGC PF64
• 1839 Maundy Silver Penny, NGC PF64

For more information about Taisei Coins and its April 2019 TICC auction, visit the firm’s website at www.taiseicoins.co.jp/auction/.


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