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New life for Presidents or just gift buying?

Are holiday orders from the Mint’s autumn product catalog beginning to find their way into these sale numbers? It is hard to explain an increase in the number of 2009 Presidential Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets sold otherwise. The weekly increase of 11,217 to bring the total to 85,478 is just so much larger than usual. Weekly increases are more like one-tenth that number.

On the other end, it might have been reasonable to expect more Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20s to be sold in the week after all order size restrictions were removed. However, the Mint recorded weekly sales of just 1,811 pieces to bring the running total of those sold since January to 96,275.

Professional Life two-roll Lincoln cent sets increased by just 4,844 to 226,562 and the four-coin Lincoln proof cent set rose by 6,702 to 127,659.

Life was clearly evident in gold and silver bullion coins this week. The one-ounce gold American Eagle jumped by 32,000 pieces to a monthly total of 106,500. Silver made an even stronger leap of 643,000 coins to 1,603,000 American Eagles for the month. The increase in the silver total brings the mintage so far this year to 20,367,500. Gold didn’t hit a nice round number this week, but it won’t be long. The sales total so far this year is 945,000 coins. October could easily see the one million mark reached.


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