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New Eagle sales give June a golden glow

Sales of bullion American Eagle gold and silver one-ounce coins perked up a tad this week. The gold version of the popular investment coin series increased by 25,500 pieces and the silver version increased by 42,500. These aren’t weekly records, but it does show that demand is not falling off a cliff and the Mint’s ability to call off its allocation system is based more on increasing supply than falling demand. That will make the gold bugs feel a little more secure.

I have to write the usual caveat. One week’s sales does not make a trend, but June has now surpassed May’s gold total.

Guam quarters are still selling strongly. In fact the 100-coin bag options are up by 2,041 for the “P” bag and 2,048 for the “D” bag, outpacing last week’s numbers by a few dozen each. Sales of the larger bags were up, too, but not by noteworthy numbers.

Sales of regular clad proof sets were up at a lesser rate than last week. The increase was 58,300 sets as compared to 81,947 last week.

The ever popular four-coin Presidential proof set ticked along with an increase of 6,115. Overall sales of the 2009 set total 566,114.
Of all the Mint’s recent new “bread and butter” collector issues, this seems to be a permanent winner.

Bags of the Native American dollars are doing well. These are outpacing a number of earlier Presidential dollar bags still being offered.

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