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New Civil War exhibit opens Oct. 9

The American Numismatic Association Money Museum’s new exhibit, “A House Divided: Money of the Civil War,” opened Oct. 9. It focuses on Civil War history while showcasing coins, paper money, medals and “war bonds” of the era.

Highlighting the exhibit is an 1864 2-cent piece – the first U.S. coin to feature the motto “In God We Trust.” Other featured pieces include political campaign tokens, including those used by Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln, and the medal honoring the Union defense of Fort Sumter that was presented to Abner Doubleday, the officer who fired the first Union shot of the war.

The exhibit, sponsored by First Community Bank, will run through fall of next year.

The Money Museum is located at 818 N. Cascade Ave. in Colorado Springs, Colo. Admission is free and group tours are available by calling (719) 482-9834.

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