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New $5 set for display

The first public look at the new colorized $5 Federal Reserve Note will occur Nov. 16-18 at the Whitman Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention when the Bureau of Engraving and Printing puts a sheet of 16 on display at its booth.

Sales of new products are also slated to begin Nov. 16 at the show and on the BEP Web site, Kevin Brown, BEP marketing manager says.

In addition to a show souvenir card that will be offered for $20 each, the BEP will begin selling Series 2001 $50 Federal Reserve star notes of the Richmond district. Fewer than 4,000 are available and all have serial numbers less than 4,000. Price is $79.95 and there is an order limit of 10 per household for the first two weeks.

Uncut sheets of Series 2003A $2 Federal Reserve Notes will be sold priced at $21 for a sheet of four, $33 for a sheet of eight, $55 for a sheet of 16 and $90 for a sheet of 32 notes. These will be drawn on the Richmond bank and there are no sales limits. This is the fourth bank offered for the series. The BEP still has San Francisco and Chicago sheets, but the Kansas City bank $2 sheets are sold out.

A subscription program will begin Nov. 16 for 2,500 sets of Series 2004 $20 Federal Reserve Notes with serial numbers below 4,000. These are the first colorized notes.

The cost is $479.95 for all 12 Federal Reserve districts. The notes will be released in three installments. The Atlanta, Boston, New York and Philadelphia notes will comprise the first installment. If any are left they will also be available for sale for $45 per note at the Florida United Numismatists show starting Jan. 10, 2008, the day after the subscription rolls close.

Order limits are 10 per household for the subscription period.

The second installment features the San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis and Kansas City districts. The third installment offers Richmond, Cleveland, Chicago and St. Louis districts.

The second installment will be offered at the American Numismatic Association?s National Money Show in March and the third installment at the ANA World?s Fair of Money in July if any remain.

On Nov. 9, the BEP will begin selling Lucky Money for the Year of the Rat. These are Series 2006 $1 Federal Reserve Notes with serial numbers that begin ?8888.? They are $5.95 each by mail. There are no order limits because there are up to 68,888 available.

Check the BEP Web site at www.moneyfactory.gov for more information. Telephone orders may be placed at (800) 456-3408 when sales begin. Phone hours are 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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