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New reference delivers five centuries of British coin details and pricing

British coins are a fascinating lot.


Standard Catalog of Great Britain Coins digital reference is priced at $40 and available exclusively at ShopNumismaster.com.

Depending on the time period, Great Britain’s coin issues have included, but are not limited to, the Pence, Shilling, Pound, Crown, Unite, Laurel, Farthing, Penny and Guinea. As unique as some of these names are, among the nicknames — or coin slang if you will — often used by British citizens to describe coins are more than a few colorful choices. How about the Bob, Groat, Thruppenny bit, Quid, Nugget, or maybe the Beer Token, as explained in an article found at The Royal Mint website.

Whether you opt for the formal route or lean more toward slang, there’s no question British coins are rich in history and appeal. With that in mind, Great Britain is the logical and popular choice for launching a new series of world coins digital references. The team behind the Standard Catalog of World Coins is unveiling the first in a series of country-specific references.

For the first time, coin pricing, identifying details, and illustrations for five centuries of coins will be available in a country-specific digital reference. To gain a better understanding of this new series of references, we turn to the guardians of the references, Tom Michael, the editor of the Standard Catalog of World Coins references and long-time market analyst for coins in the numismatic division of F+W Media (parent company of World Coin News, Numismatic News, Bank Note Reporter, Coins magazine, and Numismaster.com) and Steve Duberstein, managing developer of the numismatics database at F+W Media.

Among the benefits of the Standard Catalog of Great Britain Coins and the other digital references in the series is, first and foremost, accessibility to extensive and trusted details about coins issued in Great Britain between the 17th century and the present.

“That is the biggest benefit,” states Michael. “You can access the information anywhere; on a plane, at a coin show, in a shop, anywhere.”

“It’s compatible with any device and searchable,” added Duberstein.

Whether dealer or collector, accessibility to authoritative details is a tremendous asset. For

SC British Coins introductionpage

In addition to a detailed map, the introduction of this digital reference includes geographic details. Plus, a list of rulers and mint marks. Information about the monetary system, and a primer of British ‘coin slang.’

dealers, when presented with a collection of coins issued by the same country but from various time periods, a thorough assessment requires review of information from multiple references, Michael explains. For collectors, making the most of buying opportunities on the bourse floor of a coin show is the goal, but not always as easy as one would hope. For example, have you ever found yourself standing in front of a dealer’s table perusing the selection of coins and spotting one you think you need to complete specific segments of your collection? However, you aren’t certain if it is that coin or another in the series and you don’t have your collection on hand at the show.

This first in a series of digital world coin references helps to remove the guesswork. It provides unmatched accessibility to descriptive details, illustrations, and values of coins issued in Great Britain for the past 400+ years.

The ability to enlarge the pages brings up another key benefit: being able to view some of the intricate details that define two coins that may appear to be seemingly the same. As dealers and collectors alike can attest, even the smallest differences and variations among coins can mean a big difference in value.

For example, when considering coins issued in Great Britain, explains Michael, many varieties have differences within the coat of arms depicted on the coin. Being able to enlarge the digital page and easily view those differences are advantageous, and not something that can be achieved by viewing the book alone, he added.

“This allows you to enlarge the pages by more than 1000 percent,” confirms Duberstein.

Another feature of the digital reference is the inclusion of mintmark line drawing illustrations. When examining a coin, it’s not always easy to see the mark, especially with circulated coinage, according to Michael, but with this digital reference, these important illustrations are handily available where available.

The Standard Catalog of Great Britain coins is available at ShopNumismaster.com for $40. That’s access to more than 2,500 types of coins and 8,000 dates of coins. Plus, you’ll find more than 2,100 coin images in this single digital reference. 

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