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New Coin Blossoms from CIT

by Thomas Michael

Many interesting and decorative Easter egg coins have been produced in recent years, but none so elegant as the recently released two-ounce silver coin honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Passing of Peter Carl Fabergé. The coin features one of the largest eggs Fabergé ever fashioned. Known as the Apple Blossom Egg, this stunning green jade work of art displays the egg on its side, supported and entwined in apple blossom branches. Originally created by Fabergé in 1901 as a gift for the wife of Russian Industrialist, Alexander Kelch, this egg now resides in the Liechtenstein Museum, the same country in which the coins producer, CIT Coin Invest AG is based.

Artfully designed to replicate the original Apple Blossom Egg in all its glory, this high relief beauty comes in an egg-shaped metal case with foam padding to keep your memento of the Great Russian jeweler, Peter Carl Fabergé, safe for a lifetime in your collection.

CIT made use of its outstanding colorization techniques, combined with its smartminting® high relief technology and selective gilding to create the distinctive green apple blossom egg on the reverse of the thick silver coin. Issued for Mongolia and denominated 1,000 Togrog, the coin was kept to an average crown diameter of 38.61mm, with simple reeding on the edge. The obverse displays the standard arms of Mongolia for the Bank of Mongolia issues.

A floral pattern extends the theme in the background above the egg, enticing the viewer to search for the birth and death dates and name of the famous Russian creator and honoree of this lovely coin. Limited to a proof mintage of 888 pieces, this one should sell out pretty quickly.

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