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New AINA medal free to members

The membership medal for 2018 issued by the American Israel Numismatic Association features a reverse design chosen by online vote in Israel to mark the 70th anniversary of independence.

The 70th anniversary of Israel’s Independence is the theme of the 2018 membership medal of the American Israel Numismatic Association.

On the reverse is a design that was chosen by an online vote in Israel.

Israel Defense Forces officials had the general public vote online for the insignia (logo) that will represent it for Israel’s 70th anniversary.

The chosen logo combines the symbol of the Haganah – a sword with an olive branch – with the number 70 shaped like a Star of David.

It won the final runoff between the top three designs by an overwhelming majority, receiving 57 percent of the votes.

All AINA members will receive the medal free of charge. This is the rarest (only 650 made) of the AINA membership medals produced every year since 1973.

A catalog of these medals will be included in the first issue of The Shekel published in 2018. Shekel Editor Mel Wacks indicates that other articles in the issue will discuss the coins and medals commemorating the Battle of Beersheba during World War I, the “Helmet-Coin” of Hasmonean Yehohanan I, the Wolyn Memorial Medal memorializing the annihilation of about a million Jewish martyrs during the Holocaust, the first medal in the Israel Coin and Medal Corporation’s “Holy Land Sites” Series commemorating Gethsemane, and much more.

New AINA members will receive the 2018 Israel 70th Anniversary of Independence Brilliant Uncirculated brass 31mm medal free, along with four issues of The Shekel, the Journal of Israel and Jewish History and Numismatics, by joining for $25.

Dues can be sent to AINA, P.O. Box 20255, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269.

Telephone 818-225-1348 to pay with a credit card.

Collectors can order the medal alone for $5 each postpaid.


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