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In 1939 Batman made his first appearance in issue #27 of Detective Comics. To mark the 80th birthday of the masked avenger Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt [Royal Dutch Mint] announced in early July the impending issue of what they are calling a ‘mirror coin’.

In point of fact the piece is a 41 mm, 15 g stainless steel round. It has no denomination nor does it show an issuing authority.

The item’s reverse displays the Batman logo. The obverse appears to show nothing! However, if a light is shone on it a reflection of the Bat-signal appears on ceiling, wall, whatever.

Reverse and seemingly blank obverse of Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt’s Batman stainless steel round struck to mark the masked avenger’s 80th birthday. Image courtesy Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt. Batman and all related elements are © & TM DC Comics.
WB SHIELD: © & TM WBEI (s19).

Graphic showing how the Bat-signal is produced from the round’s obverse when a light is shone on it. Image courtesy Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt.

KNM have produced the round in conjunction with Warner Bros., Consumer Products. A similar piece was released by KNM some time ago for Harry Potter.

The mintage is limited to 8,000. It becomes available from August 5.

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