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More to come for Manley vs. Kagin

Though his complaint was dismissed May 29 by the American Numismatic Association board of governors, Dwight Manley may be contemplating further action against dealer Don Kagin.

A day after public release of the decision May 31, Manley?s attorney, Christopher L. Pitet, issued a statement saying, ?The ANA board?s decision to take no action simply cannot be reconciled with their own findings and the undisputed facts. We intend to demonstrate this to the board in the near future with the expectation that the board will eventually do the right thing and take the action required by the ANA?s bylaws.?

On the other hand, Kagin was quite pleased at the outcome.

?Naturally, I am gratified by the ANA board?s unanimous and unequivocal decision to dismiss Dwight Manley?s complaint against me. I want to thank the ANA board of governors and ANA staff for enabling a full and impartial airing of all of the facts and for writing a detailed, reasoned decision. It is clear that the ANA ethics hearing process works for all ANA members, including governors.

?A member of the ANA board of governors needs to adhere to the highest level of ethics in our community. I am proud that the board has affirmed that I and my firm meet these high standards,? Kagin said.

Manley?s attorney called the board?s decision ?truly astonishing.?
As of June 5, ANA headquarters had not been contacted by Manley?s attorney, said Jay Beeton, ANA deputy executive director for marketing and communications.

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