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More and more 2007 programs on the list

lilmint.jpgThe redesign pace for this page accelerated this week as we made room for the new Presidential dollars and the proof 2007 gold American Eagle coins. Removed to make way for the new programs were the 2005 bag and roll numbers for the two designs as well as the 2005 Westward Journey set. They all had gone off sale. Take a look at last week?s page if you need to be reminded of final totals.

Buyers apparently love the individual 25-coin rolls of the ?P? and ?D? Presidential dollars because in less than a full week, some 92,588 of them were sold. The Mint Web site was jammed and it slowed down on Feb. 15, the first day of issue. The site then went back to normal.

The 2007 proof gold American Eagles are the only ones currently being sold. Buyers seem to like the one-ounce coin above all others. Compare sales in just two weeks to the number of sales for all of last year.bigmint.jpg

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