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Mitchell named Ambassador

mitch-amb.jpgOn March 27, a Numismatic Ambassador Award was given in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Dr. Osvaldo Mitchell, a noted numismatic authority in that nation.
This is only the fourth NA award going to a person who resides outside of the United States.

Undertaking the task to present the award was Don Dool, a hobbyist and writer for World Coin News, a sister periodical to Numismatic News, sponsor of the award.

Accompanying Dool were Daniel Villamayor and Carlos Graziadio. In Dool?s words, they made their way to Dr. Mitchell?s apartment in the northwestern part of Buenos Aires.

Mitchell?s health is not robust and he was convalescing from an operation,  thus he had not attended any Centro Numismatico Buenos Aires meetings during Dool?s stay in the city.

Villamayor had arranged for Dool and his little delegation to visit Dr. Mitchell to present the Numismatic Ambassador Award.

?We arrived at 7 p.m. and were escorted to his apartment. After being introduced to Dr. Mitchell?s wife, Edith, and son, Diego, and a bit of conversation, I presented the plaque and medal,? Dool said.

?He was visibly moved and told me he deeply appreciated it and would try to get back on his feet to be more of an ambassador. Pictures were taken and we left shortly so as not to tire him.

?Before leaving, Dr. Mitchell autographed a copy of a publication by Comision de Revista y Biblioteca containing one of his articles, ?Historia de Nicolas I, Rey del Paraguay y Emperador de los Mamelucos? for me.

Dr. Mitchell has had a long hobby career going back five decades. He was a member of the Asociacion Numismatica Argentina from 1958-1968. Also in 1958, he joined the Asociacion Numismatica Espanola. Since 1959, he has been a member of the Academia de Numismatica y Medallistica. He was founding treasurer of the Centro Numismatico Buenos Aires from 1968-1972, served as its secretary and was its president from 1974-1976.

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