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Mishler to run for governor

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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American Numismatic Association President Clifford Mishler has declared his intentions to seek an additional board term as governor.

Mishler was elected in 2009 to a two-year term as president. Prior to that he served a two-year term on the ANA board.

“The ANA has been undergoing fundamental change in the way it conducts business and supports the coin hobby community since a new board was installed following the 2007 election,” Mishler stated, “but much restructuring remains to be accomplished.”

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Mishler said when he ran for the board in 2007 he identified five vital issues.

“Those five points were to conduct business on an open forum basis, eliminate ‘confidentiality’ or similar agreements that inhibit discussion, operate with balanced budgets without pulling from endowment assets, full transparency of fiscal performance and the establishment of staff stability at ANA headquarters,” Mishler said.

And when he ran for president in 2009, he said he made a simple promise.

“My commitment was to continue the ANA’s recovery and growth from the ill-advised, costly and divisive goals and programs embarked upon over several years, in building revitalization of membership pride and ownership in the organization, he said.

So with the basic objectives of 2007 and his 2009 election promise met, why run for a term as ANA governor?

“Many of the policies, practices and programs instituted as a consequence of the past two election cycles are not yet fully implemented and must continue to be pursued on prudent bases,” Mishler said.

Mishler of Iola, Wis., has been a serious collector for more than 60 years, and an ANA member for nearly 55 years. He said that it’s been his opinion that past presidents should step aside and make way for new blood, but he is committed to see the development fiscally responsible ANA policies, practices and programs.

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