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Mint to release three new sets

Three new sets go on sale at noon EST Aug. 30 at the U.S. Mint?s Web site to mark the 20th anniversary of the American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins.

The first set consists of three silver American Eagles. One is a proof, one is uncirculated, but the third one is a new reverse proof. A reverse proof is a coin that has frosted fields and mirror-like surfaces on the high points.

This set will cost $100 and be limited to a maximum mintage of 250,000. The proof and uncirculated coins will have a ?W? mintmark for West Point and the proof will have a ?P? mark for Philadelphia.

The second set features two coins, a one-ounce gold American Eagle and a one-ounce silver. These will have an uncirculated finish and carry the ?W? mintmark. The planchets are burnished before striking, which is not the case with regular uncirculated bullion coins. The mintmark also reflects where they are made. Mintmarks are not used on regular uncirculated bullion coins. Price is $850 per set and a maximum of 20,000 sets will be made.

The third set contains three one-ounce gold coins, a proof, an uncirculated and a reverse proof. The reverse proof has the same frosted fields and mirror high points as the silver version. All of the coins will have a ?W? mintmark. Price is $2,610 and a maximum of 10,000 sets will be made.

The Mint?s Web address is www.usmint.gov. Telephone number is 800-USA-MINT.

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