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Mint suspends sale of Buffalo gold coin

Add the one-ounce gold 2008 Buffalo to the list of American bullion coins where demand is exceeding the U.S. Mint’s capacity to fill it.

Running out of a supply on hand, the Mint suspended sales of the coin on Sept. 25. Earlier this year the same thing occurred for the one-ounce gold American Eagle and the one-ounce silver American Eagle. The latter two coins were put on an allocation basis, which is another name for rationing the supply through the Mint’s authorized purchaser network.

It is expected that once the Mint has a supply of the one-ounce Buffalo gold coins that these too will be allocated by formula as is the case for the other two coins.
The Mint points out that it still has supplies of fractional gold American Eagles in the tenth, quarter and half-ounce sizes and all sizes of platinum Eagles, including the one-ounce coin.

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