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Mint Stats: Spotlight back on American Eagle totals

It might be the holidays approaching. It might be increased investor interest. Demand for the American Eagles bullion coins seems to be on the upswing.

Julian Jarvis of Greencastle, Ind., says supplies of the silver American Eagle have been tightening up and immediate shipment of orders might soon cease despite the Mint’s best efforts.

The Mint shipment totals for the silver American Eagle to its authorized distributors rose by 690,000 this week to 2,215,000 for the month. Those aren’t slouchy figures. Sales so far this year are approaching 24 million pieces, so if you want to make an average of it, October  sales are higher than average.

Interest in bullion coins did not spill over to the Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens $20. Sales crept higher by just 562.

Mint set sales rose by just 22,613 to 489,094, so the rush to buy what some collectors think will be a potentially scarce set seems to be over. News that Congress authorized extended sales for sets that contain the 95 percent copper cent until June 30, 2010, also might suppress speculative purchases.

Last week I forgot to put the magic sold out asterisk on the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set. I did so this week. I will  point out again that the 51,000 order number will be reduced to the 50,000 maximum as the usual order cancellations and problems are worked through.

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