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Mint runs out of some PR quarter options

Wow. Look at the Puerto Rico quarter numbers. The Mint says that the 1,000-coin bags for both Philadelphia and Denver are sold out. It has taken more than 10 years to achieve a rapid sellout like this. It simply didn’t happen during the state quarter offerings.

The totals for the 100-coin bags nearly doubled for each minting facility. I wonder if these could sell out as well. The two-roll set sales number jumped by almost 50 percent.

Word must be spreading that the Puerto Rican quarters have the lowest mintage since the commemorative reverses began in 1999.

Harrison dollar roll numbers didn’t change at all. Though official word hasn’t come that the Denver roll is sold out, the fact that the number didn’t move and it matches the sold-out “P” number probably means the end for it also.

The Mint seems to have cut back on its supplies of bags and rolls. Collectors being collectors will now want them all the more.

Sales numbers mostly went down for First Spouse coins this week. This is probably an indication that buyers got cold feet when gold bullion took a tumble below $900 and simply returned them while they could. Bullion speculation is a pretty poor reason to buy them, but some people perhaps are doing this.

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