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Mint out of the 1,000-quarter Guam bags?

Guam quarter sales are rolling right along, but the focus has changed from the big bags to the smaller bags and the two-roll set. This might be due to the fact that the Mint has run out of the 1,000-coin bags. I have not been officially informed of that, but since the numbers did not rise in a manner similar to the other sales options, I think it is a good guess. The number of two-roll sets jumped by almost 10,000 and the 100-coin bags rose by roughly 2,700 apiece.

The 2009 clad proof set has hit the charts and the 2008 listing disappeared this week. In the first week of sales, the 2009 set sales total is 437,178.

Apparently the easy-open capsule for the Braille dollar is also easy to return because the sales number actually dropped by 1,488 this week

Two-roll sets of the Lincoln Formative Years cents are up 13,192, reaching the quarter-of-a-million mark. The rapid sales of the first few days have slowed to a much more languid pace.

Sales of the gold and silver American Eagles for the opening days of June have hit the boards. Some 27,500 one-ounce gold coins have been sold as compared to the final May total of 65,000. For the one-ounce silver American Eagle, the initial June number is 777,000 as compared to the 1,904,500 final number for May.

Remember the UHR Saint-Gaudens $20 gold piece? Well, sales rose by 772 this week to 65,623.

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