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Mint keeps up with demand for gold coins

Sales of 2,118 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20s bring the total to date to 94,464. Now that the order limit has been completely removed, it will be interesting to see if the weekly sales numbers grow. The sales limit removal was effective Sept. 21, a day after these numbers were compiled.

Gold one-ounce American Eagle sales rose by 29,500 to 74,500. The silver one-ounce American Eagle recorded a rise of 360,000 to reach 960,000 pieces. Commercial reports indicate that the Mint is still keeping up with current demand for the bullion coins, but there is no word yet on when sales of collector versions begin, information more and more readers would like to know.

Lincoln proof sets rose by 8,115 to 120,957 and sales of the two-roll Professional Life set increased by 7,603 to reach 221,718.

Total sales of the regular clad proof set have passed the 1.1 million mark and the silver proof set total is nearing half a million.

The asterisk went up on the Philadelphia 1,000-coin bag of American Samoa quarters, but the Mint did not indicate whether the number rose beyond 1,499.

The Sarah Polk Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal set total appears this week for the first time. There is nothing unusual about the first sales number.

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