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Mint down to last two 2006 platinum proofs

lilmint.jpgWe are in the home stretch for the sales of the 2006 platinum American Eagle proofs. The one-ounce coin just went off sale so the magic asterisk was placed before the last known sales number. Only the half-ounce and the quarter-ounce platinum proofs remain on sale. Can many of them remain?

According to maximum numbers to the right of each, you might think so, but like Clint Eastwood, we ask would-be buyers if they feel lucky about waiting.

There seems to be a growing number of hobbyists who have not yet learned the difference between uncirculated bullion American Eagles, uncirculated mintmarked American Eagles and proof American Eagles, demanding to know why the Mint isn?t selling them the bullion coins. Ever since the bullion coin program began, these coins have been sold through a dealer network.

The mintmarked uncirculateds and proofs are sold directly to collectors.bigmint.jpg

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