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Mint again reprices proof gold Eagles

For the second time in 2006, fluctuating prices of gold have caused the U.S. Mint to reprice its proof gold American Eagle coins.

Sales were halted June 30 to allow for a downward revision following an upward hike in May.

On July 10, sales resumed at the new prices.

The one-ounce coin is sold out as an individual sales option. The half-ounce proof was reduced to $420 each from May?s $445 price. The quarter ounce was reduced to $215 from May?s $220.

The tenth-ounce proof coin is priced now at $105, down from $110 in May.

The four-coin proof gold set, which includes one of each weight, including the one ounce, has a new price of $1,495, down from $1,575.

Check the U.S. Mint Web site to order at www.usmint.gov

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